They Want It. You Runnit.

Be your own boss with RUNNAHS On Demand Delivery

"Runnahs" deliver products from point A to point B

Food, clothing, jewelry...We give people the power to get whatever they want delivered to their doorstep right now.

Runnahs control when, where and how often to"runnit."


Part-time, full-time, when you can't sleep. With no set schedules, login to the app and runnit whenever you want.


Supplement income, earn money for a vacation, cover life's unexpected emergencies. With weekly cash outs, there's no limit to your earnings.


You're not tied to a desk or laptop. Your car is your office. Your vehicle is your office and you're the boss.

Ready to Join Us?

You'll need an iPhone or Android smartphone and a reliable vehicle.

1. Apply

Download the RUNNAHS driver app and give us some information and documents about yourself and your car:
Valid Driver's License
NIB Card
Third Party Vehicle Insurance
Police Record
Two References

2. Meet Us

We want to get to know every Runnah joining our team. Once we've approved your account, we'll do a short video interview to get to know you and give you a chance to ask us any questions.

3. Get Ready to Runnit

After the interview, we'll send you some Runnahs gear. Turn on the app when you're ready and start earning right away.

Register on the App

Join the Runnahs family and begin earning money whenever you want.
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